The Journey to Japan

Despite all the complaint about my high school, there’s one thing good about it: as the best school in our city, we have a lot of chances. This time, Japan government offered a scholarship of visiting their country for free, to 16 high schools in China. Fortunately, our school was one of them. I applied without hesitation. The weird thing was that there weren’t too many people applied. I could only assume that they’re worried about being absent from school, which may potentially drop their score temporarily.

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Algorithms to maintain the speed of a heavy flywheel

First, I’m not an expert in algorithms. I’ve never taken algorithms classes, nor did I learned Calculus when I’m writing it. This passage describes an algorithm that works. It may not have a strong theoretical background, but it just works. I guess when I finish college, I may have a new understanding on this, either figuring out why it works or thinking “Oh, this sucks. What the hell I was doing?”

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My story at the 2016 VEX World Championship

After we won the Asian-Pacific Championship, I continued to update my robot, preparing for the world championship. I added some essential features to the program, including a menu system, and an auto-calibrate mode that adjusts the parameters in the runtime. I also amended the ball collecting mechanism, so that the robot could collect and shoot the balls much more quickly. The new system is more accurate and rapid – by the time we left for the Worlds, the robot is capable of shooting four balls in 1second, each one of them dropping into the basket with 100% accuracy.

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